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Chat Commands

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Standard :

/ad - Send out a Job Related Advertisement
/admin - shows your permission level
/bill - Send a bill to a client
/closeMenu - Forces Menu to close
/clear - clears your chat log
/die - kill yourself
/disconnect - disconnect from the server
/door - opens car doors (follow notification commands)
/do - lets other players know what actions your doing
/getpos - gives you your xyz position. use to help admins debug an issue you found
/givecar  [clientid] [plate] - transfer vehicle to another player
/givekey  [clientid] - give the vehicle keys to another player (does not give ownership)
/hood - opens the vehicle hood (must be the vehicle you last drove and your near)
/id - tells you your client id
/me -  lets others know what your thinking
/postal [postalcode] - draws a waypoint to the postal code. (/postal to remove wp)
/report - file a bug report or issue with another citizen.  We file to discord for admins.
/shuff - changes vehicle seats
/showjob - shows your current job
/showcash - shows your cash balance
/showdirty - shows your dirty cash balance
/showbank - shows your bank balance
/showsociety - shows society balance
/showinfo - shows your job, money, dirty money, bank, society balance
/trunk - opens vehicle trunk
/tow adds a vehicle to a flatbed or trailer (must be a server approved towing trailer to work)
/togglegps - resets hud gps
/version - FiveM Server Version

Animations :

Coming Soon

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