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What is OLRP About

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Ontario Life Roleplay (OLRP)

OLRP is loosely based off of an Ontario / Canadian background and theme. We are a newly formed community, starting to develop our city around the starting of August 2019). Our city laws and things will follow a Canadian style with an Economy Driven and Quality Realistic RP style. I am not a fan of Sandbox / Arcade Style RP and wanted to create a city that I would enjoy playing in and something that isn't the same as everywhere else.  We will be based on more of a Serious but Soft Realistic RP Style, and not standing around Benny's or Legion chatting for 4 hours straight.

Many of things in the city have been changed to give it more of a Canadian Feel. As mentioned, laws, fines and times were created from the ground up based on Canada’s Department of Justice Laws. Something most might not know, but Canada doesn't have felonies or misdemeanors but our punishments can be just as harsh.  Crimes in our city will stack and there is no limit to how long you can spend behind bars.  We do have a system in place for early release and being paroled or working your time off quicker. 

The Fire Dept 

Police Department will be comprised of LSPD for the city and OPP for the county.  They operate on separate budgets and jurisdictions.  The role of the police here will not differ from other cities except they are not above the law here.  They can also be corrupt to an extent (if the RP is quality) and they can be charged for breaking the law as well, just like any other citizen.

Gangs - 1 Biker, 1 Mafia Style and 1 Street Style to start.  More will be added later.

Fire Department - will be busy Fighting Fires (interior and exterior), Fire Inspections, Water Rescues, Emergency Medical Services and assisting other OLRP Departments as required.  We are using a heavily modified Fire-script with external and internal fires to fight.  LSFD provides Fire Services for the entire island.

Hospital Department - will be in charge of all hospital medical related issues.  Many items have been added to make this job feel more like a hospital with more planned for the future.

Food Business - Has a recipe crafting system and is the only business that can create food to sell to customers or player owned stores.

Benny's (Mechanic) - consists of vehicle modifications and mechanic work.  The also can craft items for other people, whether criminal, civilian or emergency services.

City Police - main job is to protect those within the city limits but can assist other emergency services as needed.

OPP - Ontario Provincial Police is tasked with protection and patrolling the rest of the island.

Department of Justice Canada -  will consist of legal aid, crown lawyers, judges and the RCMP.  

Taxi -  Provides Transportation to all citizens.

Real-estate Agent - is designed to not make the person running this job rich.  They will start out with a few houses but must use that money to purchase more housing and rental property over time.

Banker - is a city owned job to ensure it does not become a cash flow for one or two people.

Government System - will consist of the mayor and his employees.  The Mayor is voted in by the members of the public and will hold this position for 2 IRL months before an election is called.  Unless they become corrupt and removed from office through a police investigation.  The Mayor also sits in on any staff meetings about city development and has a say in it.

Licensing Department - is tasked with ensuring all citizens that want a license does the proper courses.  They will be responsible for Aviation, Marine, Vehicle, Weapons and Hunting Licenses.

Supply Distributor - purchases all inventory coming to the island and sells it to the local businesses for the citizens to buy. There is a process and RP scenarios in place when orders are purchased.

Garbage Job (Up to 4 people at once)
Lumber Jack

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