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Ordering Products

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The way this is setup, is an order comes in from you to the Owner of the Distribution Company.  He then places his order with the mainland. If he has it in stock, you may get your order or the partial order faster.  The items won't appear in your store, they will be delivered to it.  The owner will need to be on hand to accept it, and place it on their shelves or lot.  Ordering this way can save you $1,000's of dollars over the AI Distributor. 

The AI Distributor can see your order reach you in less than 24 hours, but you are paying more for that.  As well, there is less chance of you order being lost in an accident or being stolen. 

Until we get the Player Owned Distributor setup, order directly through me.  To order products for your business.  Send me a DM on here in this template form.  Max Limit is 8 vehicles or 16 Items per order.  You business is only allowed to sell what it is advertised as.  Food cannot be sold at a Hardware Store, nor can tires be sold at a Bar or Corner Store.  Once you submit your order, it will take 4-7 IRL days for the order to arrive in the city from the mainland.

Steam Name
Character Name : 
Business Name

Item 1 : 2000 x Coca Cola (Example)
Item 2 : 1 x DB 11 (Example)
Item 3:  2 x Blista (Example)
Item 4 : 10 x Tires (Example)

Item 5 
Item 6 

Item 7 
Item 8 

Item 9 
Item 10 
Item 11
Item 12 

Item 13 
Item 14 

Item 15 
Item 16 

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