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1. Serious RP, means you play out your stories like an actor would in a serious movie.  Roleplay is very similar to acting, and you will take away from it what you put into it.  Bullshit and shitlording RP will not be accepted here.  Do not talk about what your cat does, what is on CNN and make reference to GTA or FiveM while in the city.  This will all be considered FailRP and could lead to a ban.

2. New Life Rule : If you die, you will forget most of your memory leading up to it.  The last 20 minutes will be totally blank to you.  If you are being arrested when you die, you will not remember anything to do with that. It will not make you exempt from being arrested, you just won't really know why. This also means, you cannot get revenge on someone because you do not know what happened and what they did to you.

3. Meta Gaming is using Out-of-character or any other information that your in game character did not learn on their own. That includes watching someones stream, or having Suzy Cue tell you something on Discord.  This can lead to a suspension or ban.

3. Power Logging, is logging out of the server before an RP session that you are apart of has ended.  Doing this to avoid finishing the RP or avoiding the situation can lead to a suspension or ban.

4. Do not message the Staff on Discord if you have an issue, use the forums and submit report and the entire team will see it there. While its okay to discuss things with other players, you need to contact the staff if you want some resolution from the issue.

5. No Random RDM and VDMing.  Anyone playing in this city, should know what this is already.

6. Cop Baiting - This is directly being stupid and trying to get the attention of the PD in a horseplay manner to join in your dumb little games.  If you are bored, find something to do or fly out of the city before you get into trouble. This will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban.  

7. Player names need to be realistic.  No Small Joe or Big Cheese as names.  Also unless your Jimmy Twofeet III, there should be no reference to numbers or special characters in your name.

8. Emergency Services - The lack of emergency services can mean you may need to think a tiny bit smarter to ensure you do not lose stuff or no one will be there to save you.  When you decide to go par-coring up Mt Chiliad.  Crime is still allowed when no services are in the city.

9. Exploiting any bug withing the city, is an automatic BAN.  If you find something, that doesn't seem right.  Report it before you get caught up in a scandal you did not want to be apart of.

10. New player spawn location at the Airport should be neutral ground and no crime should happen there.  While its not being made a total peace area.  I would hope everyone respects this or it will become one.

11. Do not be a moron and block off areas for no reason so other players can't use a garage or some other dumb shit you may have thought of.

12. Emergency Vehicles can be stolen but you need a good RP reason to do so.  Saying just because I could.  Is not a good reason, and it nab you a suspension.

13. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and will get you a nice BAN pretty fast.  This also includes RP Explicit Sexual Crimes and Mental Health RP.  Some people playing, may have or are dealing with this stuff IRL and do not need to see it in their happy place.

14. Mic MUST work and work half decent.  If other players cannot hear or understand you.  You may be asked to leave until you fix it.

15. Drugs can be bought and sold at anytime.

16. Being annoying is one thing.  Some good RP can come from people that play these characters.  Just don't be too aggressively annoying where you start to get wings and turn into a shithawk, shitting all over the place.

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