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Ontario Life Roleplay

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With OLRP getting close to launching, I wanted to take a minute to discuss why this project came about and why it is designed the way it is.  After spending time in many cities that closed up and having to start over again and again.  I decided to create this project, but I wanted it to be a little different and with a more serious to realistic roleplay.  The side I decided to do differently was make a city based off of a Canadian Theme.  From the commercial vehicles to the police and other areas.  I have tried to add a Canadian element.

The Laws, Times and Fines will be based off of Canada's Justice system.  What you are used to in other cities maybe illegal in this one and vice versa.  All medical care will be free to everyone in the city with the exception of medication and ambulance rides.  There are some elements in this city that you won't see everywhere else and there are some big plans in the future addons for it.

If you are used to the normal sandbox arcade RP, then I can tell you right now.  This place won't be for you, but if you want to have a challenge and good story rp.  Hit us up and have your passport stamped and stop on by. Tell you friends about and those joining prior to launch will bypass the white listing application.

Discord https://discord.gg/8qDyxqQ

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