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  2. Standard : /ad - Send out a Job Related Advertisement /admin - shows your permission level /bill - Send a bill to a client /closeMenu - Forces Menu to close /clear - clears your chat log /die - kill yourself /disconnect - disconnect from the server /door - opens car doors (follow notification commands) /do - lets other players know what actions your doing /getpos - gives you your xyz position. use to help admins debug an issue you found /givecar [clientid] [plate] - transfer vehicle to another player /givekey [clientid] - give the vehicle keys to another player (does not give ownership) /hood - opens the vehicle hood (must be the vehicle you last drove and your near) /id - tells you your client id /me - lets others know what your thinking /postal [postalcode] - draws a waypoint to the postal code. (/postal to remove wp) /report - file a bug report or issue with another citizen. We file to discord for admins. /shuff - changes vehicle seats /showjob - shows your current job /showcash - shows your cash balance /showdirty - shows your dirty cash balance /showbank - shows your bank balance /showsociety - shows society balance /showinfo - shows your job, money, dirty money, bank, society balance /trunk - opens vehicle trunk /tow adds a vehicle to a flatbed or trailer (must be a server approved towing trailer to work) /togglegps - resets hud gps /version - FiveM Server Version Animations : Coming Soon
  3. Ontario Life Roleplay (OLRP) OLRP is loosely based off of an Ontario / Canadian background and theme. We are a newly formed community, starting to develop our city around the starting of August 2019). Our city laws and things will follow a Canadian style with an Economy Driven and Quality Realistic RP style. I am not a fan of Sandbox / Arcade Style RP and wanted to create a city that I would enjoy playing in and something that isn't the same as everywhere else. We will be based on more of a Serious but Soft Realistic RP Style, and not standing around Benny's or Legion chatting for 4 hours straight. Many of things in the city have been changed to give it more of a Canadian Feel. As mentioned, laws, fines and times were created from the ground up based on Canada’s Department of Justice Laws. Something most might not know, but Canada doesn't have felonies or misdemeanors but our punishments can be just as harsh. Crimes in our city will stack and there is no limit to how long you can spend behind bars. We do have a system in place for early release and being paroled or working your time off quicker. The Fire Dept Police Department will be comprised of LSPD for the city and OPP for the county. They operate on separate budgets and jurisdictions. The role of the police here will not differ from other cities except they are not above the law here. They can also be corrupt to an extent (if the RP is quality) and they can be charged for breaking the law as well, just like any other citizen. JOBS Whitelisted Gangs - 1 Biker, 1 Mafia Style and 1 Street Style to start. More will be added later. Fire Department - will be busy Fighting Fires (interior and exterior), Fire Inspections, Water Rescues, Emergency Medical Services and assisting other OLRP Departments as required. We are using a heavily modified Fire-script with external and internal fires to fight. LSFD provides Fire Services for the entire island. Hospital Department - will be in charge of all hospital medical related issues. Many items have been added to make this job feel more like a hospital with more planned for the future. Food Business - Has a recipe crafting system and is the only business that can create food to sell to customers or player owned stores. Benny's (Mechanic) - consists of vehicle modifications and mechanic work. The also can craft items for other people, whether criminal, civilian or emergency services. City Police - main job is to protect those within the city limits but can assist other emergency services as needed. OPP - Ontario Provincial Police is tasked with protection and patrolling the rest of the island. Department of Justice Canada - will consist of legal aid, crown lawyers, judges and the RCMP. Taxi - Provides Transportation to all citizens. Real-estate Agent - is designed to not make the person running this job rich. They will start out with a few houses but must use that money to purchase more housing and rental property over time. Banker - is a city owned job to ensure it does not become a cash flow for one or two people. Government System - will consist of the mayor and his employees. The Mayor is voted in by the members of the public and will hold this position for 2 IRL months before an election is called. Unless they become corrupt and removed from office through a police investigation. The Mayor also sits in on any staff meetings about city development and has a say in it. Licensing Department - is tasked with ensuring all citizens that want a license does the proper courses. They will be responsible for Aviation, Marine, Vehicle, Weapons and Hunting Licenses. Supply Distributor - purchases all inventory coming to the island and sells it to the local businesses for the citizens to buy. There is a process and RP scenarios in place when orders are purchased. Non-Whitelisted Brinks Garbage Job (Up to 4 people at once) Miner Fisherman Lumber Jack Slaughterer Tailor Fueler
  4. The way this is setup, is an order comes in from you to the Owner of the Distribution Company. He then places his order with the mainland. If he has it in stock, you may get your order or the partial order faster. The items won't appear in your store, they will be delivered to it. The owner will need to be on hand to accept it, and place it on their shelves or lot. Ordering this way can save you $1,000's of dollars over the AI Distributor. The AI Distributor can see your order reach you in less than 24 hours, but you are paying more for that. As well, there is less chance of you order being lost in an accident or being stolen. Until we get the Player Owned Distributor setup, order directly through me. To order products for your business. Send me a DM on here in this template form. Max Limit is 8 vehicles or 16 Items per order. You business is only allowed to sell what it is advertised as. Food cannot be sold at a Hardware Store, nor can tires be sold at a Bar or Corner Store. Once you submit your order, it will take 4-7 IRL days for the order to arrive in the city from the mainland. Steam Name : Character Name : Business Name : Item 1 : 2000 x Coca Cola (Example) Item 2 : 1 x DB 11 (Example) Item 3: 2 x Blista (Example) Item 4 : 10 x Tires (Example) Item 5 : Item 6 : Item 7 : Item 8 : Item 9 : Item 10 : Item 11: Item 12 : Item 13 : Item 14 : Item 15 : Item 16 :
  5. Barren791

    Bank Loans

    Players can borrow money from Pacific Bank and pay it back over weekly payments. You can have a max of 2 co-signers to raise the amount you can borrow and put up assets as well. On assets, you can use up to half the equity against the loan. The interest will be based off of the Bank of Canada Prime Rate + Pacific Banks Rate. The longer the loan is will also change Pacific Banks Rate. The max loan length is currently 24 IRL Weeks. You will never see this, its just for the Bank Manager to track loans. SAMPLE LOAN CALCULATION Loan Calculator Loan Amount 150000 Interest 1.60% Interest Amount $2,400.00 Loan Period 12 Interest Borrowed $28,800.00 Total Borrowed $178,800.00 Payments $14,900.00 Start Date
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_n96LgRiCwPCq4KNZ346dXdPsJgwE0dLuR_lvjNfZWE/edit#gid=0
  7. Police Units - 12 LSPD 2011 Crown Victoria - police LSPD 2014 Dodge Charger - police2 LSPD 2013 Ford Interceptor - police3 LSPD 2016 Dodge Charger - police4 OPP 2011 Crown Victoria - police5 OPP 2015 Ford Pursuit - police6 OPP 2016 Dodge Charger - police8 OPP 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe - policeold1 OPP 2013 Chevrolet Stealth Tahoe - fbi2 LSPD 2013 Ford Explorer - sheriff2 LSPD BMW Motorcycle - policeb OPP Harley Davidson Motorcycle - policeb2
  8. Fire Units - 2 Light Rescue Truck - ambulance7 Chief Interceptor SUV - fire2 Fire Engine - firetruk Heavy Rescue Truck - firetruk2 Pumper Truck - firetruk3 Ladder Truck - firetruk4 Quick Response Rescue Helicopter - md902 Medical Transport Helicopter - supervolito Firehawk Water Helicopter - firehawk
  9. Barren791


    SERVER RULES 1. Serious RP, means you play out your stories like an actor would in a serious movie. Roleplay is very similar to acting, and you will take away from it what you put into it. Bullshit and shitlording RP will not be accepted here. Do not talk about what your cat does, what is on CNN and make reference to GTA or FiveM while in the city. This will all be considered FailRP and could lead to a ban. 2. New Life Rule : If you die, you will forget most of your memory leading up to it. The last 20 minutes will be totally blank to you. If you are being arrested when you die, you will not remember anything to do with that. It will not make you exempt from being arrested, you just won't really know why. This also means, you cannot get revenge on someone because you do not know what happened and what they did to you. 3. Meta Gaming is using Out-of-character or any other information that your in game character did not learn on their own. That includes watching someones stream, or having Suzy Cue tell you something on Discord. This can lead to a suspension or ban. 3. Power Logging, is logging out of the server before an RP session that you are apart of has ended. Doing this to avoid finishing the RP or avoiding the situation can lead to a suspension or ban. 4. Do not message the Staff on Discord if you have an issue, use the forums and submit report and the entire team will see it there. While its okay to discuss things with other players, you need to contact the staff if you want some resolution from the issue. 5. No Random RDM and VDMing. Anyone playing in this city, should know what this is already. 6. Cop Baiting - This is directly being stupid and trying to get the attention of the PD in a horseplay manner to join in your dumb little games. If you are bored, find something to do or fly out of the city before you get into trouble. This will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban. 7. Player names need to be realistic. No Small Joe or Big Cheese as names. Also unless your Jimmy Twofeet III, there should be no reference to numbers or special characters in your name. 8. Emergency Services - The lack of emergency services can mean you may need to think a tiny bit smarter to ensure you do not lose stuff or no one will be there to save you. When you decide to go par-coring up Mt Chiliad. Crime is still allowed when no services are in the city. 9. Exploiting any bug withing the city, is an automatic BAN. If you find something, that doesn't seem right. Report it before you get caught up in a scandal you did not want to be apart of. 10. New player spawn location at the Airport should be neutral ground and no crime should happen there. While its not being made a total peace area. I would hope everyone respects this or it will become one. 11. Do not be a moron and block off areas for no reason so other players can't use a garage or some other dumb shit you may have thought of. 12. Emergency Vehicles can be stolen but you need a good RP reason to do so. Saying just because I could. Is not a good reason, and it nab you a suspension. 13. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and will get you a nice BAN pretty fast. This also includes RP Explicit Sexual Crimes and Mental Health RP. Some people playing, may have or are dealing with this stuff IRL and do not need to see it in their happy place. 14. Mic MUST work and work half decent. If other players cannot hear or understand you. You may be asked to leave until you fix it. 15. Drugs can be bought and sold at anytime. 16. Being annoying is one thing. Some good RP can come from people that play these characters. Just don't be too aggressively annoying where you start to get wings and turn into a shithawk, shitting all over the place.
  10. Airplanes - 10 Airbus A320 - a320 ATR 42 - atr Boeing 737-800 - b737800 Boeing 737-900 - 739 Epic 1000 - e1000 Embraer ERJ145 - e145 Embraer ERJ145RX - e145rx Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano - a29b Hawker Siddeley HS 748 - 748 US Forest Service UH-1H - uh1forest Helicopters - 2 Weazle News Heli - newsheli Weazel News Heli 2 - newsheli2
  11. Jeep / SUV / Crossover - 6 2012 Jeep Wrangler - jp12 2016 BMW M5 - 16m5 2017 Audi SQ5 - audsq517 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - demonhawk Bentley Bentayga - bbentayga Hummer V1 - patriot 'Lamborghini Urus - urus
  12. Sedans / Muscle / Sport Cars - 18 1970 Dodge Charger - rt70 2011 Mazda RX8 - rx811 2016 Dodge Challenger - 16challenger 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS - amggtsmansory 2017 Audi R8V10 - r8v10abt Aston Martin DB11 - db11 Bentley Continental GT Supersport - contss18 BWM 850i - bmwm850i BWM i8 - i8 BMW Lummax 6 - lumma6 Eleanor - eleanor Elegy RH8 - elegy2 'Ferrari 488 Pista - pista Ferrari 812 Superfast - ferrari812 Lamborghini Huracan - lp610 Lamborghini Aventador - lp700 Mini V3 - miniv3 Mustang GTO - mgt Mustang RMod - rmodmustang Nissan GTR R35 - gtr
  13. Motorcycles - 8 2017 Honda 500x - 500x BMW R75 - sovereign Harley Davidson Fatboy - hexer Harley Davidson Knucklehead - daemon Kawasaki Ninja X6R - bati2 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R - zx10r Yamaha YZF-R125 - yzfr125 Yamaha YZF-R6 - yzfr6
  14. Commercial - 9 Benson Canada - benson Canada Post Boxville - boxville2 CF Tank - rhino Caterpillar T660 - ct660 Caterpillar T660 Dump Truck - ct660dump Mule Canada - mule Scabia Hauler - hauler Stairs Truck - stairtruck Waste Management Garbage Truck - trash News - 1 Weazel News Van - newsvan Mechanic - 3 Actros Flatbed - flatbed2 Ford F450 Tow Truck - f450towtruck Roadside Assistance - lguard Trailers - 5 Shell Fuel Tanker - tanker Small Trailer - trailersmall Trailer Logs - trailerlogs Trailer #2 - trailers2 Trailer #3 - trailers3 Trains - 3 Canadian National Engine - freight Tanker Car - tankercar Car Frieght - freightcar
  15. With OLRP getting close to launching, I wanted to take a minute to discuss why this project came about and why it is designed the way it is. After spending time in many cities that closed up and having to start over again and again. I decided to create this project, but I wanted it to be a little different and with a more serious to realistic roleplay. The side I decided to do differently was make a city based off of a Canadian Theme. From the commercial vehicles to the police and other areas. I have tried to add a Canadian element. The Laws, Times and Fines will be based off of Canada's Justice system. What you are used to in other cities maybe illegal in this one and vice versa. All medical care will be free to everyone in the city with the exception of medication and ambulance rides. There are some elements in this city that you won't see everywhere else and there are some big plans in the future addons for it. If you are used to the normal sandbox arcade RP, then I can tell you right now. This place won't be for you, but if you want to have a challenge and good story rp. Hit us up and have your passport stamped and stop on by. Tell you friends about and those joining prior to launch will bypass the white listing application. Discord : https://discord.gg/8qDyxqQ
  16. The link below will provide you with a list of laws with the would of Ontario Life Roleplay. Until the DOJ system is up and running, the Commissioner or next highest ranking officer will act as a judge with their decision final. When the DOJ system is running, you can requests a court case on any crime over 120 months or more. That is not 10 charges adding up to 120, that is one charge alone worth 120 or more. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Op1ZXwGSaqBAuZYj1Q-G3VCNohjbWcdnOdaUrwGi7gE
  17. While I am not a fan of adding custom cars, especially those with lots of polys because they cause more lag. With that being said, I am not against my community requesting them. They may just not make it into the city, and the main reason is you do not need super awesome fast cars for role play.
  18. Items will be listed by vehicle type. Year Make Model and spawn code. Trucks - 11 1978 Ford F150 - f15078 1978 Chevrolet Blazer - Beleyzer 2004 Ford F250k - 04f250k 2017 Jamboree Sport RV - 17jamb 2017 Nissan Titan - titan17 2018 Ford F350 - 18f350 2019 Dodge Ram 1500HD - 193500hd 2020 Ford F350 - 20f350 Chevrolet Silverado - silverado Mercedes-AMG Brabus 700 - brabus700 Yosemite Drag Truck - yosemite
  19. Pay is based on for the most part Ontario Averages. Except in the case of Chiefs of Police. These guys can make upwards to 268k a year. Minimum Wage in Ontario is 14.10 per hour. All jobs will be at this base to start. 14.10 x 40 hours = $112.8 x 52 weeks = $29,328 divide by 12 = $2,444 / 30 days = $81 per pay period A Single Welfare recipient collect $656 a month in Ontario $656 / 30 = $22 per pay period https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-dfWtD3Lsw8Vgio_Orbojt8_DHeCywD6udSzs8aI6Qg/
  20. Follow the Dev Team at Trello. https://trello.com/b/WELkrsBH/olrp
  21. Barren791


    CAD - http://www.nagn.ca/OpenCAD/ Everyone must register as a civilian first. Other Roles will be added.
  22. Barren791


    On Foot : 1 - Fist 2 - Cycle Melee 3 - Cycle Shotguns 4 - Cycle Heavy Weapons 5 - Cycle Throwables 6 - Cycle Pistols 7 - Cycle SMG 8 - Cycle Assault Weapons 9 - Cycle Sniper Rifles Left Shift - Sprint TAB - Weapons Radial Left CTRL - Crouch W - Walk Forward A - Turn Left S - Turn Around D - Turn Right Q - Use Cover R - Punch or Reload Weapon Y - Trunk (Be at the back of the vehicle) In Vehicle : Minus - Left Turn Signal Equal - Right Turn Signal Backspace - Hazard Lights Comma and Period - Cycle Radio Stations (None Emergency Vehicles) [ - Cycle Weapons CAPS LOCK - Cruise Control W - Drive Forward A - Turn Left S - Drive Backwards D - Turn Right B - Seatbelt E - Horn / Safety Lights (None Emergency Vehicles) F - Exit Vehicle Hold F - Leave Engine Running H - Light Cycle Hold H - Unhitch Trailer Q - Radio / Emergency Lights R - Cinematic Camera (None Emergency Vehicles) U - Door Locks In Vehicle Emergency Services : UP Arrow - Secondary Siren Num Pad 5 - Radar Num Pad 8 - Freeze Radar Numpad Enter - Set Radar Speed Limit Q or Y - Emergency Lights R or Period - Siren Chirp R or Period - Cycle Sirens (When Sirens Activated) E or Left Alt or Comma - Siren (With Emergency Lights On) H - Take Down Lights (Will turn on with High Beams) Default : F1 - No Clip F2 - Inventory F5 - Tablet F6 - Job Menu F7 - Invoices F8 - Console F9 - vMenu F10 - Remove HUD F11 - Phone F12 - Screenshot (Steam Version) HOME - Admin Menu PGDN - Wallet B - Point C - Look Behind K - Accessories Menu P - Pause / Map Screen T - Chat V - Camera Distance X - Hands Up Z - Location / Vehicle Make
  23. Locate your FiveM Application folder. Mine is located here and where username is will be the name of your computer C:\Users**Username**AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app\citizen\common\data\ui but it could be in downloads or where ever else you may have installed it. Just drag and drop the file into that folder, overwriting what is there. If you play on more than one server, you may want to backup your old file first. You can download the file here.
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